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Visiter Mahon



This city of 30000 inhabitants is the most populated city of the island and its capital; it is the seat of the island...

Visiter Ecomuseo of Cap de Cavalleria

Ecomuseo of Cap de Cavalleria


This museum created in 1997 and located in a beautiful environment near the sea, proposes to protect, research and...

Visiter Hipogeos from Biniai Nou

Hipogeos from Biniai Nou


There are two funeral hypogea in the neighborhood of Mahon; they date from the Chalcolithic (transitory period between...

Visiter Naveta de Biniac Oriental

Naveta de Biniac Oriental


It is a bronze age funeral naveta built between - 1500 and - 1000, intended for collective burials. It is near the road...

Visiter Necropolis Cales Coves

Necropolis Cales Coves


Cales Cove is a cove located 10 km from Alayor, next to Lloc Nou. To get there, follow the signs to a car park and then...

Visiter Menorca History

Menorca History


Prehistory: It is likely that the first inhabitants of the island were farmers, managed to reach the island towards the...

Visiter Castillo de San Felipe

Castillo de San Felipe


This castle built by the Italian engineer Hugo de Cessane, at the end of the port of Mah? N, dates from the sixteenth...

Visiter Fortaleza by Isabel II

Fortaleza by Isabel II


After the demolition of Castillo San Felipe in 1850, this new fortress was built on the Mola peninsula, to defend the...

Visiter Camino de Caballos

Camino de Caballos


(Cami de Cavalls in Catalan) This is a 185 km long hiking trail that goes all around the island, mostly along the sea....

Visiter Ciudadella



This city of 22000 inhabitants was the capital of Menorca until 1714, year of the installation of the English on the...

Visiter The Naveta des Tudons

The Naveta des Tudons


It is a collective tomb formed of large stones superimposed, without mortar, forming a rectangular enclosure ended by ...

Visiter Fuerte de Malborough

Fuerte de Malborough


This fort was built by the English under the leadership of Sir John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, in the beginnings...

Visiter Basílica of the Fornàs de Torello

Basílica of the Fornàs de Torello

Religious building

This basilica was discovered by a plowman; it has been dug up and studied by archaeologists. It is currently protected...

Visiter Binissafullet



This Talayote village was inhabited from the 10th century. before JC, and especially between IVe and IIIe s before JC;...

Visiter Sanisera



The first mention of this Roman city is in the Historia Naturalis of Pliny the Elder ( 1st century). It had developed...

Visiter The port of Sanitsa

The port of Sanitsa


It was recently established diving clubs in the area that in 1974 found the first Roman amphorae. Systematic research...

Visiter Hipogeo of Torre del Ram

Hipogeo of Torre del Ram

Historical site

This archaeological site is located in the small town of Cala en Blanes, near Ciudadella: it is a Bronze Age burial...

Visiter Santuario de la Virgen del Toro

Santuario de la Virgen del Toro

Church - Chapel

This hermitage is located on Monte del Toro, Menorca's highest peak. It is run by a community of Franciscans who...

Visiter Teatro Principal de Mahón

Teatro Principal de Mahón


It is the oldest opera house in Spain: it was built in 1829 by an Italian architect: Giovanni Palagi who used the...

Visiter El Dolmen of Ses Roques Llise

El Dolmen of Ses Roques Llise

Observation site

This site has only one monument: it is a megalithic sepulcher, located very near the talaiotic village of the Torre...

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