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Visiter Drach Caves

Drach Caves


It is one of the most visited sites of Mallorca: 4000 visitors a day in summer! And it's worth it because they are...

Visiter The Aquarium

The Aquarium


This important complex contains 55 aquariums with 8000 specimens of 700 species; in particular, there is a very large...

Visiter Cuevas de los Arpones

Cuevas de los Arpones


Like the Cuevas del Drach, these caves are located near Porto Cristo, east of the island. They were discovered before...

Visiter Catedral de Palma

Catedral de Palma


history: The cathedral was built from 1300, where was the Madina Mayuri mosque, which was destroyed as the work...

Visiter Bellver Castle

Bellver Castle


It was built by order of Jaime II (1243-1311), King of Mallorca, Count of Roussillon and Cerdagne, Baron d'...

Visiter Palacio Real de la Almudaina

Palacio Real de la Almudaina


This imposing Moorish Alcázar (fortified palace) was remodeled in 1309 by King Jaime II on the model of the Royal...

Visiter Consulate del Mar

Consulate del Mar


The Consulate of the Sea was an institution of the kingdom of Aragon which promulgated the laws of the terrestrial and...

Visiter The Lonja de Palma

The Lonja de Palma


The Palma Lodge is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture; it was built between 1420 and 1452 by Gillem Cagrera....

Visiter Convent of St. Francis

Convent of St. Francis

Religious building

The convent of St. Francis de Mallorca was founded in 1232, but the church was built between 1281 and 1317....

Visiter Pilar Foundation and Joan Miró

Pilar Foundation and Joan Miró


This art museum was founded by Joan Mir? (1893-1983) and his wife Pilar for Palma to have a cultural and artistic...

Visiter Parliament of the Balearic Islands

Parliament of the Balearic Islands


It represents the population of the Balearic Islands, votes the budget of the autonomous region and makes decisions for...

Visiter Arab Baños

Arab Baños


This hammam from the 10th-12th century. is pretty much the only remaining remnant of the period of Moorish occupation....

Visiter Paseo Sagrera

Paseo Sagrera


In 1873, Estanislao Figueras , president of the first ephemeral republic (1873-1874) destroyed the part of the wall of...

Visiter Pueblo Español

Pueblo Español


This "Spanish Village" opened in 1970 was created by the architect Fernando Chueca Goitia who wanted to build a typical...

Visiter Monasterio de Lluc

Monasterio de Lluc


This monastery is 35 km from Palma; it is near Escorca at 400 m altitude. It is a place of pilgrimage dedicated to the...

Visiter Museo Es Baluard

Museo Es Baluard


This museum of contemporary art temporarily exhibits mainly works by Balearic artists or who are related to the...

Visiter Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor


The Plaza Mayor occupies the site of the former San Felipe Neri Convent and a few houses. It was also the seat of the...

Visiter Museo de Mallorca

Museo de Mallorca


Casa Palacio de los Condes de Ayamans was built in the 16th century. by the meeting of several existing houses....

Visiter The Bartholomew March Foundation

The Bartholomew March Foundation


This museum is hosted by the March Palace built between 1939 and 1945 by the architect Luis Gutierrez Soto for the...

Visiter Paseo del Borne

Paseo del Borne


This long, tree-lined paseo links Plaza Juan Carlos I (or Plaza de las Tortugas) with Plaza de la Reina....

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