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Visit Santa cruz of tenerife (Spain)

We can distinguish 3 parts in this small town:

The city center to the north, a place for walking and shopping, contains most of the monuments,

  1. a second small center around the cathedral,
  2. a modern part in the south.
  3. It is a pleasant city, with two large parks, many cultural institutions and beautiful modern buildings.

City Center

The Plaza de España built in 1929 on the site of the former Castillo San Cristóbal has been beautifully refurbished recently with a very large basin of sea water in the center and water jet, pavilions covered with vegetation, a prolongation wooded and A coffee. The square is bordered by the Insular Cabildo, central government of the islands, and the Central Post Office. Remains of the Castillo are accessible under the square.

Next to the Plaza de España, the Plaza de la Candelaria dates back to the founding of the city. It still plays an important role today by hosting parties and events. It is surrounded by beautiful palaces and represents the beginning of the commercial area.

The nearby Plaza del Principe de Asturias is a pretty wooded square with music kiosk, statues, fountain and a modern sculptural group. It is bordered by the neoclassical building of the Museo de las Bellas Artes. It contains 14 well-appointed rooms with some well-known works stored here by the Prado Museum and works by Canarian artists.

Close by is the beautiful Iglesia de San Francisco de Asis with sumptuous interiors: altarpieces, frescoes, magnificent statues! It is completed by the Capilla de la Venerable Orden Tercera, a separate building with an altarpiece of great beauty.

Take now Calle del Pilar: it will lead you to the beautiful Parque García Sanabria passing the Iglesia del Pilar, behind it the interesting Templo Masónico Histórico.

The Parque García Sanabria is a beautiful park of 6 hectares with many gardens of different styles that contain exotic plants: Canary Palm, flamboyant, tulip trees of Gabon, laurel, ficus, ceibas, coconut palms, tamarinds of India , ibiscus, bamboos, rose bushes, cactus, cycads, musaceae, azaleas.

Leaving the park to the north, we arrive at La Rambla, the traditional place of "Paseo" in the evening after the hot summer hours. On the heights, we see a building that looks like a castle. It hosts today a famous Catholic school: Las Escuelas Pias.

From La Rambla, take Avenida del 25 de Julio to see the beautiful Plaza del 25 de Julio: twenty benches, colorful tiles everywhere, many trees, an original fountain. The square is surrounded by several interesting buildings.

Around the Cathedral

The Iglesia Matriz de la Concepción dates back to the founding of the city, but it has often been transformed. Its remarkable elements are:

  • its very high campanile
  • the balconies of its facade.
  • His interior is interesting without being extraordinary.

In the immediate vicinity, the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes is a complex of 20 ha, very original with Museum of Contemporary Art, Photographic Center, Municipal Library, Multipurpose Room, restaurant. A must see !

There is also the Mercado de Nuestra Señora de África, a very nice neocolonial market and the Museo de la Naturaleza y del Hombre, which includes 3 museums: the Museo Archeológico, a must-see, the Museo de Ciencias Naturales and the National Museum. Canary Institute of Bio-Anthropology.

You may also see the ugly edifice of the Presidencia del Gobierno de las Islas Canarias, which is more of a brutalist style.


This part is very pleasant: in the neighborhood of the Castillo de San Juan, a big tower preceded by an esplanade, which can accommodate 5 guns, there is the magnificent Auditorio created by Santiago Calatrava and the beautiful Centro Internacional de Ferias y Congresos designed by the same architect. This 20-hectare building hosts trade fairs, art exhibitions, congresses, concerts, meetings, television programs, carnival celebrations.

Next to these two beautiful buildings, two pleasant places: the Palmetum is a garden of 12 hectares with 600 kinds of palm trees, built on a hill of rubbish. Waterfalls, lakes, artificial rivers, shaded area partly underground, museum of palms enrich this beautiful garden. The Parque Maritimo Cesar Manrique is another very nice place with 3 pools of sea water, waterfall, volcanic rocks, restaurants, gym, toy library, thermal water jacuzzis, children's entertainment areas, sports facilities and even a small beach .

Neighboring Las Torres de Santa Cruz reinforce the modern aspect of the surroundings: they are the highest towers of the Canary Islands with their 120 meters height.

Avenida del 3 de Mayo is a large avenue lined with recent modern style buildings. It separates Cabo and Llanos neighborhoods. It is a symbol of the economic growth of the city and it crosses a prestigious commercial zone.

Other interesting place
Parque La Granja: This is another beautiful park in the city, perfect for a walk, for the contemplation of flowers, games or the practice of a sport.

Culinary specialties
There are 28 species of potatoes grown in the Canary Islands: black potato, dew, wrinkled (arrugada) etc ...

  • Las papas arrugadas are presented in tapas or with mojo rojo or verde sauce.
  • Gofio is a flour made from roasted cereals. It is used to thicken soups, or eaten with milk.
  • Mojo red: sauce prepared with garlic, peppers, coarse salt, chili, olive oil, vinegar.
  • Mojo verde: same sauce less spicy, but with coriander and green peppers.
  • Meat: pork, chicken, rabbit, goat.
  • La ropa vieja: a dish made from chickpeas, frayed beef and chicken, and potatoes. A dish between stew and saute.

Going out at night
The auditorium of course!
There is no particular bar or club in Santa Cruz. They are rather outside and it depends on the distance that you are ready to go.


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Top 10 places in Santa cruz of tenerife

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Visit Castillo de San Juan

Castillo de San Juan

The abortive British attack of 1625 decided the mayor of Santa Cruz to grant permission to build a fortress near the beach of La Caleta de los Negros. Construction was delayed, but after the uprising in Catalonia and then in Portugal in 1641, the fortress was hastily built in two years.... Read more

Visit Parque de la Granja

Parque de la Granja

This park of 64000 m 2 is mainly a leisure park: it is perfect for a walk, for the contemplation of the flowers, for games or the practice of a sport. It contains many asphalt or dirt paths separated by slightly taller plant patches. It also contains many outdoor sports facilities.... Read more

Visit Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes

Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes

The neoclassical museum building was built in 1929 by Eladio Laredo. Its facade is marked by 4 pilasters extended by 4 columns embedded in a red wall. The decoration is elementary and consists mainly of 10 busts of illustrious people, including that of Angel Guimera, poet and playwright.... Read more

Visit Plaza de la Candelaria

Plaza de la Candelaria

This place, which has existed since the foundation of the city, has long played an important role. It was first Plaza de Armas because the militia was trained there: after the construction of the neighboring San Cristobal Castillo, it became the Plaza del Castillo and the center of economic life.... Read more

Visit Plaza del Adelantado

Plaza del Adelantado

This central square is surrounded by important buildings: Casa Consistorial, Casa del Corregidor, Convento Santa Catalina, Palacio de Nava, the future market of the city, the court, the birthplace of José de Anchieta, hermitage San Miguel. His name honors the first administrator of the city,... Read more

Visit Teatro Leal

Teatro Leal

This eclectic style building was built in 1915 on the plans of Antonio Pintor Ocete . Its blue facade is richly decorated with flowers, animals and people; interior and exterior decorations are the work of López Ruiz and Manuel Verdugo . The facade includes a central two-level body flanked by two... Read more

Visit Catedral de San Cristobal de La Laguna

Catedral de San Cristobal de La Laguna

At the present location of the cathedral there was a necropolis guanche and a place of pilgrimage of this aboriginal population. A hermitage was first erected in 1511, followed by a Mudejar church in 1515, whose bell tower was built in 1618. In 1819, the church became a cathedral after a long... Read more

Visit Palacio de Nava y Grimón

Palacio de Nava y Grimón

This palace, located in the Plaza del Adelantado, is a representative example of Canary Island architecture, which combines the Baroque, Neoclassical and Mannerist arts. This mix is ??the consequence of the many construction phases, restorations and expansions that have been going on for 200 years.... Read more

Visit Casa de Alvarado Bracomo

Casa de Alvarado Bracomo

In 1624, Diego Alvarado y Bracamonte arrived in La Laguna to serve as Corregidor and Commander General of Tenerife. He built this house where his son lived for a time; but the latter returned to France and his descendants rented the house to the Captains General until 1729, before selling it.... Read more

Visit Ex-Convento of San Agustín (IES Canarias

Ex-Convento of San Agustín (IES Canarias "Cabrera Pinto")

To thank the Augustinians for following him in the conquest of the island, Fernando de Lugo helped them with the construction of the convent which began in 1506 and ended under the direction of the prior Pedro Grimón, son of the conquistador José Grimón. It was a very rich convent with land and... Read more

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