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Top 10 places in Stockholm

Our app features the history of 79 monuments and great sites including places to discover Stockholm. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Stockholm

Visit Stortorget


It is the oldest square in the city, the center of the medieval town, meeting point and market square. However, it had not been planned by the city: the houses were added as and when. The first important building was the palace of the purse built between 1773 and 1776 by Erik Palmsted in the French... Read more

Visit Historiska Museet

Historiska Museet

The History Museum was opened in 1943. On the ground floor, it features objects from prehistory, including the skeleton of a woman buried in a sitting position, and a beautiful ritual stone ax in the shape of a Head of elk. Following the story of eight people, the visitor is led through different... Read more

Visit Stadshuset


The Town Hall was built between 1911 and 1923 on the plans of Ragnar Östberg. The base plane is substantially rectangular; It surrounds two spaces: the place Borgargarden (square of the bourgeois) and the Bla Hallen (blue room). This large room is surrounded by arcades; It had to be decorated with... Read more

Visit Kungliga Operan (Royal Swedish Opera)

Kungliga Operan (Royal Swedish Opera)

King Gustav III built a first opera between 1775 and 1782 by Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz. It was in this building that the king died in 1792, during a masked ball: he had become unpopular because of his absolute power and also because of his war against Russia. Shortly afterwards, the King'... Read more

Visit Nobel Museet

Nobel Museet

The Nobel Museum is located on the ground floor of the Börshüset, seat of the Swedish Academy. It was opened in 2001 on the occasion of the centenary of the Nobel Prize and it presents the Nobel Prizes and their works, which also allows to follow the evolution of Science during the 20th century.... Read more

Visit Castle of Drottningholm

Castle of Drottningholm

In 1580, King John III built a castle on this island of Lake Mälar for his wife. It was destroyed by a fire in 1661; The widow of King Karl X then entrusted the construction of a baroque castle in the same place to Nicodemus Ticino the Elder. It was completed in 1681, shortly after the death of the... Read more

Visit Riddarholmskyrkan


The church of Riddarsholmen is a former abbey church, built in 1270 under the reign of Magnus Ladulås, which contains the tombs of most Swedish kings, queens, princes, princesses from the 17th to the 20th centuries. Since 1922, the royal families have chosen to be buried in the Haga cemetery.... Read more

Visit The boat Vasa

The boat Vasa

King Gustavus Adolph II (1594-1632), of the Vasa dynasty, ordered the construction of this ship, which was to be the most sumptuous and powerful with its 64 guns and its capacity to transport 300 soldiers. He also ordered the construction of four other warships: Sweden was indeed at war with... Read more

Visit Djurgarden


It is a 279-hectare parkland with only 800 inhabitants, but it is home to a large part of the city's museums, a zoo, the Gröna Lund amusement park and Circus (originally a circus, now dedicated to Concerts and musicals). Skansen is an open-air museum. The Vasa Museum contains a boat built in... Read more

Visit Tyska Kyrka

Tyska Kyrka

The building which houses the German church was at first the seat of the guild of St. Gertrude belonging to the Hanseatic League, the German commercial league which was then at its peak. This league traded with Sweden and had a great influence on the country: many Germans had settled in Stockhom in... Read more

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