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Visiter Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier


The Santa Monica Pier is formed by the junction of two jetties on stilts, which originally belonged to different owners....

Visiter Getty Museum & Center

Getty Museum & Center


J.-Paul Getty (1892-1976) was an oil-loving magnate, an art lover. He spent his life collecting art objects and began...

Visiter Villa Getty

Villa Getty


The villa is a reconstruction of the villa of the Papyrus of Herculaneum with elements borrowed from other villas....

Visiter Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard


It is a mythical place, very visited by tourists, with the Walk of Fame, Chinese Theater, Capitan Theater and Hollywood...

Visiter Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)


The museum was founded in 1910 within the Museum of Science, History and Art, and became independent in 1961....

Visiter The Universal Studios

The Universal Studios


These are the largest film and television studios in the world. In 1925, Carl Laemmle, his director, moved his cinem...

Visiter Griffith Park

Griffith Park


This huge natural park of 1600 ha was given to the city by J. Griffith, who had made a fortune in the mines and real...

Visiter Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory


In addition to its functional side, this beautiful observatory of Art Deco style offers a magnificent view of the city....

Visiter Los Angeles Museum of Natural History (Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History)

Los Angeles Museum of Natural History (Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History)


This museum opened in 1913 has been renovated and upgraded to earthquake-resistant standards, especially regarding its...

Visiter California Science Center (California Science Center)

California Science Center (California Science Center)


This Museum of Science is particularly well-suited: it proposes to make the sciences understandable to all, giving in...

Visiter Santa Monica

Santa Monica


It is a city of nearly 90000 inhabitants, independent of Los Angeles, perched on a cliff on the edge of which is a very...

Visiter Bergamot Station

Bergamot Station


The buildings that house several art galleries belonged to a station for the Los Angeles and Independance Railroad, ...

Visiter Santa Monica Art Museum

Santa Monica Art Museum


This museum, founded in 1984 by Abby Sher, was first housed in the Edgemar building designed by Frank Gehry, a rather...

Visiter History of Venice

History of Venice


In 1891, tobacco manufacturer Abbott Kinney bought 3 km of coast with a partner to build a tourist resort....

Visiter Museum of Flight (Museum of Flying)

Museum of Flight (Museum of Flying)


This air museum is located at Santa Monica Airport, where Donald Douglas built his factory in 1922. In 1924, the first...

Visiter Topanga State Park

Topanga State Park


Here the Tongva and Chumash Indians lived, until the arrival of the Europeans. Today it is a park of 5300 ha, wooded by...

Visiter House Adamson

House Adamson


This house was built in 1930 by the architect Stiles O.Clements for the couple Rindge-Adamson. It is neo-Mediterranean...

Visiter Malibu



This city extends 43 km along the Pacific Ocean. It is known for its beautiful beaches and for its waves which allow...

Visiter Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills


In 1900, a group of financiers bought a huge ranch that occupied this place for oil exploration. They found no oil, but...

Visiter Golden triangle (Golden triangle)

Golden triangle (Golden triangle)


This neighborhood of Beverly Hills is the pinnacle of great luxury: its two main avenues, Rodeo Drive and Wilshire...

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