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Our app features the history of 100 monuments and great sites including places to discover San francisco. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at San francisco

Visit Transamerica Pyramid

Transamerica Pyramid

This is the tallest skyscraper in San Francisco:  it is 260 m high, with an illuminated hollow arrow of 64 m. There are 48 floors and 1,500 employees work there on a daily basis. It was built in 1972 by William Pereira who made sure earthquake standards were met; these include 15-m deep foundations... Read more

Visit Embarcadero Center

Embarcadero Center

This large ensemble was designed by John Portman and the construction was completed in 1982 after 10 years of work. It comprises 4 neighboring towers of 35 to 45 floors and a slightly different tower (Embarcadero West) and also include two hotels. In the buildings, you will find offices and homes... Read more

Visit Jackson Square Historic District

Jackson Square Historic District

This neighborhood has resisted both the earthquake and fire of 1906 so you can still encounter vintage brick buildings. The district was built in the mid-19th century during the gold Rush. Miners would come there to sell their gold nuggets thus leading to the setting of numerous places of pleasure... Read more

Visit Ferry Building

Ferry Building

It was built between 1892 and 1898 by A. Page Brown; the design of the 71-m clock tower is after the Giralda bell tower in Seville. The entire building is very aesthetic; it has a very long horizontal extension punctuated by windows and arches of the same style and is balanced thanks to the high... Read more

Visit Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art

The museum was created in 1935 but has been housed in this building since 1995; it was constructed based on designs by Mario Botta. This classical brick building uses the rectangle as a major geometric element; it is enhanced by a lovely central truncated cylinder, which color contrasts with the... Read more

Visit Union Square

Union Square

The name of the square, also found in other cities of the United States, is due to the many demonstrations in favor of the Union (anti-slavery) that took place there between 1861 and 1865 and thus leading California into the Civil war. The square was lined with churches, a synagogue, Victorian... Read more

Visit China Town Gateway

China Town Gateway

This monumental entrance to China Town was built in 1970 based on designs by Clayton Lee plans, who drew inspiration from the gates of Chinese villages. There are tiered roofs made of green tiles that are topped with sculptures of fish and dragons: these are beneficial creatures in Chinese... Read more

Visit Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

It was built from 1928 to 1964 based on designs by Lewis P. Hobart, who was inspired by Notre Dame de Paris; it has many attractions. The carillon at the tower contains 44 bells that were cast and tuned in England; they produce beautiful melodies. The rose window was made in Chartres and the... Read more

Visit Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island

This rock was discovered in 1775 by a Spanish sailor who named it " Isla de las Alcatraces " (pelicans). Because of its strategic location, the US Army built a fort on it in 1859. From 1907, the fort became a military prison, and then from 1934 to 1963, it was a federal maximum security... Read more

Visit Lombard Street

Lombard Street

When you get to that spot, the slope of Russian Hill is 27 %.  It was necessary, therefore, to carefully design many hairpin turns (8) to allow the construction of a road that could be traveled by cars.  The road dates back to 1920 and is paved with red bricks. Along this one-way portion, cars have... Read more

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