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Top 10 places in Washington

Our app features the history of 61 monuments and great sites including places to discover Washington. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Washington

Visit The Capitol

The Capitol

The original building, which was destined for the seat of the Senate andthe House of Representatives, was built according to the plans drawn by WilliamThornton. He was a doctor and an amateur of architecture who loosely used thePantheon in Rome as inspiration. Numerous architects then came after... Read more

Visit The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court

The building was built by Cass Gilbert and completed in 1949. Beforerelocating to this area, the Supreme Court was hosted in the Capitol: aseparate building was needed for this institution that is independent from theGovernment; The central façade of the building, on the side of the Capitol, hasthe... Read more

Visit Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden

This garden was created in 1830 at the instigation of the Congress. It isdivided in three sections. The most interesting one is the Conservatory, whichdates back to 1933; it includes various sections such as “Rare and EndangeredSpecies”, “Orchids”, “Medicinal Plants”, “World Deserts”, “Hawaii”,... Read more

Visit The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress

It was funded in 1800 so that the Congress can have easy access toresearch books on law: it started with about 75 books. It was destroyed whenthe Capitol was set on fire in 1814 by the British army in retaliation againstthe American attack on Canada. Thomas Jefferson sold, therefore, his... Read more

Visit National Mall (Grand Avenue)

National Mall (Grand Avenue)

This avenuespans 3km between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial and goes through theWashington Monument. The National Mall gathers all sorts of buildings andnumerous museums, most of which are part of the Smithsonian Institution. Themain landmarks and attractions are:The SmithsonianInstitution... Read more

Visit Institution Smithsonian

Institution Smithsonian

TheInstitution was founded in accordance with the last wishes of the Britishscientist James Smithson. He bequeathed his entire fortune to the United Statesof America for the creation of  a centre dedicatedto research and the diffusion of knowledge. The Institution was created in 1843and moved to... Read more

Visit National Air and Space Museum (first floor).

National Air and Space Museum (first floor).

This large museum is exceptional for those who are interested in aviationor spatial conquest. You cannot see everything in detail in one day, and it isbest to plan your visit. On the first floor are the following rooms: "Milestonesof Flight" (objects illustrating the great dates of aviation and... Read more

Visit National Air and Space Museum (second floor)

National Air and Space Museum (second floor)

This floor is as interesting as the first; it also illustrates aviation andthe conquest of space. "Exploringthe Planet" contains a scale model 1: 1 of a vehicle on Mars, "Sea-Air Simulation" takes usinto the world of an aircraft carrier.  "World War II Aviation" and "Great War in the Air"... Read more

Visit National Gallery of Art, West Building

National Gallery of Art, West Building

This building was funded by the banker Andrew Mellon who also gave themuseum important paintings he had bought from the Hermitage Museum. It wasbuilt in 1941 by John Russell Pope who is also the architect of the JeffersonMemorial. It is of neoclassical style and we can measure the great... Read more

Visit National Gallery of Art, West Building

National Gallery of Art, West Building

The building was built between 1960 and 1978 by I.M. Pei; it is connectedto the west building by an underground tunnel lit by skylight through two glasspyramids. It has very modern lines and a geometric design: the basic trapeziumis cut into two triangles of which one, isosceles in shape, contains... Read more

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