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Our app features the history of 41 monuments and great sites including places to discover Santiago. Here is a selection of the top 10 monuments of the city, with an extract of the texts available in the application and written by our teams of specialists. For full content, download our Android and iPhone Guide and start creating your travel journal for your stay at Santiago

Visit Palacio de la Moneda

Palacio de la Moneda

The Palace of the Mint is one of the most beautiful palaces made by Spain in South America. It was built between 1784 and 1805 on the plans of the Italian architect Joaquin Toesca for the Ministry of Finance, which used it to hit the currencies. In 1845 it became the seat of government, as well as... Read more

Visit Catedral Metropolitana

Catedral Metropolitana

After the construction of several cathedrals that collapsed during earthquakes, the current cathedral was built more solidly between 1748 and 1800 on the plans of Matías Vásquez Acuña, seconded by Jesuit brothers. The main work was finished in 1775, then the Italian architect Joaquin Toesca built... Read more

Visit Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas

It seems that under the center of the city of Santiago there was an ancient Inca village located at the crossroads of two roads. When Pedro de Valdivia arrived at the site in 1541, he planned to create a garrison town built in checkerboards, with a center that was to become the Plaza de Armas,... Read more

Visit Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (the building)

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (the building)

It was built by the Franco-Chilean architect Emile Jéquier in collaboration with Mauricio Aubert and Enrique Grossín, to house the Museum of Fine Arts which settled there in 1910. The building is neoclassical with details Ornamental art nouveau; Its façade is inspired by that of the Petit Palais in... Read more

Visit Barrio Paris-Londra

Barrio Paris-Londra

The land on which this district was built belonged to the Franciscan monks of the San Francisco church. Because of financial difficulties, they sold them at the beginning of the 20th century. And the State bought a good part of it to create this new district called Paris-Londres. It was designed by... Read more

Visit Cerro Santa Lucía

Cerro Santa Lucía

Pedro de Valdivia decided to found the town of Santiago de Nueva Extremadura near this hill, which allowed the city to be dominated. It was there that the first vineyards and the first mills appeared. During the period of the Spanish reconquest (1814-1817) two castles were built there, of which... Read more

Visit Santuario del Cerro San Cristóbal

Santuario del Cerro San Cristóbal

Before the arrival of the Spaniards, the summit of this hill was venerated by the aborigines who called it "Tupahue" (divine place). At the top of the hill San Cristóbal, at a height of 863 meters, stands a large white statue of the Virgin. Set on a pedestal of 9 m high which contains a small... Read more

Visit Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Parque Forestal

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Parque Forestal

The Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in 1947 and was first installed in the "Palacio Versailles" of the Parque Quinta Normal; In 1974, a large part of his works was transferred to the building which housed the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, next to the Palais des Beaux-Arts, in the Parque Forestal.... Read more

Visit Centro Cultural Palacio la Moneda

Centro Cultural Palacio la Moneda

This cultural center located in front of the Palace of the Moneda was built between 2004 and 2006 on the plans of the Chilean architect Cristián Undurraga, on the occasion of the bicentenary of the Republic of Chile. The center offers an extensive educational program: guided tours, cinema,... Read more

Visit Museo Chileno by Arte Precolombino

Museo Chileno by Arte Precolombino

It is hosted by the former Royal Customs Building, built in 1807, on the plans of Joaquin Toesca. The museum was founded in 1981 by the Chilean philanthropist Sergio Larraín García-Moreno, who offered his whole collection of pre-Columbian objects to the community, so that it became aware of its... Read more

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