Merge and acquisition, Fund raising, Investors

Merge and acquisition digital transformation

Merge and acquisition

Digital transformation merge and acquisition in cultural and tourism sector

Management Team

Jean-jacques Lottermoser CEO (50 years old – Edhec Lille), previously Cannes Tourism Director for 9 years, Claire Boucau co-founder (54 years old), previously Managing Director of the Boucau Hotels and Casinos group, Jean Astolfi (30), Partner, Master of Urban Planning and Tourism

Customer Problem

Today’s consumers can get what they want, when they want. As a result, they’re more curious, demanding, and impatient than ever before. As this shift expands across purchasing behaviors, we’re seeing changes in the travel industry. Enabled by technology, travelers have greater expectations for assistance. Therefore local authorities and airports need to better serve and be more more pro active if they want to be competitive and attract consumers.

Products & Services

Do Tours offers four B2B services
1. Aggregation processor for places, attractions, events, retails, transport
2. Creation of editorial content
3. Distribution channel on website and mobile apps via an API in 11 languages
4. White label mobile applications with artificial intelligence chatbot

Target Market

Do Tours develops high-performance, intelligent and scalable digital solutions for
– metropolises
– airports and international groups
– museums
access doors for residents and tourists

Europe and Americas are the priority markets, as content and app are translated into 11 languages

Business Model

+ Data-processing is under SAAS mode, with a recurrent monthly subscription
+ Mobile Apps requires Licence Upfront fee for customization and yearly upgrade mantainance
+ API content delivery is under monthly subscription
+ commissions on generated Leads through affiliation programs

B2B client Segments

1. Local Authorities, mainly regions and metropolises
2. Airports having 10 million passengers and more
3. Museums
4. Telecom Operators


  • Palm digital content in 2014
  • Prices Tourism 2013
  • European winner of Creativity and Innovation 2012

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