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Interactive personalized city map


The website of your municipality deserves a personalized and differentiated city map. Enrich your personalized interactive map with geolocated points of interest, businesses, events, activities, transport, public services, solidarities, monuments and cultural heritage.

In the era of mobility, offer your fellow citizens a city map to your image, in responsive format for your website and for your mobile applications. This will help your citizens and tourists find their way around the city and get to the places they want, giving them an added element of comfort in their stay experience.

Take control from the management interface (CMS), publish your content in 10 languages.

Do Tours has developed for 120 cities in Europe this smart personalized city map service. The numerous filters answer all your requirements and present a pleasant and fluid navigation for the surfer.


suited to your ambitions

Recenser sur le plan de ville

Living environment

Display useful information by filters and improve the lives of your fellow citizens.
cartographie de l'action culturelle et évènementielle de la ville

Cultural Agenda

All public and private events of the city marked on the map of the city
Le plan de la ville historique et patrimonial

History and visits

Historical heritage accessible to all in several languages.

Synchronized city map to your Information system

Faciliter les transports en commun de votre ville

Public Transport

Favoriser le sports et améliorer le bien-être

Sport & Wellbeing

Public Services


All information appearing on your personalized city map can be

  • updates automatically by synchronization with your information systems in Json or XML format
  • uploaded in excel or csv format in 1 time
  • managed individually from an administration interface (CMS) with multiple access
  • filtered by category and keywords
  • translated automatically thanks to artificial intelligence


How to get your personalized city plan?

We tailor the custom city map to your colors, logo, icons and requirements. Depending on your information system in place, we connect your IS or import your data export (Excel or csv) with GPS coordinates, titles, images, descriptions, coordinates, schedules, notices. Your personalized city map is then ready for use and published on your website. A multi-access CMS is open to you for any modification, deletion or addition throughout the subscription. The information is refreshed in real time from our API.

You will have 2 lines of code in Javascript / html5 to implement in your site. The service is available within 5 days.


Saas Mode

Offered as a monthly subscription, our service is continuously optimized to ensure your satisfaction and the browsing experience of your users. Price includes

  • creating the custom plan
  • hosting the interactive plan
  • unlimited access to CMS
  • Unlimited display of the number of cards
  • synchronization to your information system or imports excel / csv
  • filters to categorize your location-based information


Price and payment conditions

The amount of the subscription for a city is 299 € / month in introductory offer for any subscription. This price includes custom maps, access to several sets of icons on all filters / thematic Shops, Public services, public transport, monuments, restaurants, hotels, bars, nightlife, local activities, cultural and events calendar, museums, solidarities. In case you choose Do Tours as publisher of your mobile application, the offer also includes offline plans for mobile.

3 months free: as part of the launch of the offer, the first 3 months are free for you to test our service. Free includes access to the plan as it appears in visual (blue background, white roads, standard icons) but does not include synchronization with your information system. Access to the CMS is limited to one person per administration. Your subscription does not begin until the end of the 3 months. If our service does not suit you, you can give up without charge, the free offer is without obligation.

Payment is made for the first year as a single global SLA payment on your OPEX. Beyond the first 12 months you can pay monthly, quarterly or annually. You are free to stop subscribing to our personalized plan service at any time after the first 12 months.

Do Tours reserves the right to determine the duration of the launch offer and to interrupt it at any time. Validated agreements will of course be honored.

Contact us for personalized city map on your website and mobile app

We will explain the different phases of the deployment and the schedule (count 5 days). We will establish with you the rules of access, the creation of the account, the online training, the access to the tutorial, the lines of code to implement for an easy and fast appropriation.

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Smart City Plan is a trademark of Do Tours SAS

Do Tours also offers data-processing services to collect and enrich the contents of communities in compliance with the GDPR, mobile applications and writing services, audio recordings for cities, museums and airports. Do Tours was created in 2010 and specializes in the development of APIs, mobile applications, content aggregation, plans, chatbot and other functions serving citizens, tourists and visitors as requested by communities, airports and telecom operators customers. Smart Plans is now also available for international government and large account websites as an independent service in the form of SLAs.

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