One-stop-shop Museum Guide app for all your museums and collections

Increase attendance, automatically translate content, facilitate sales


Discover the new interactive Museum Guide app to improve visitors experience

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Showcasing your collections and temporary exhibitions in up to 10 languages automated translation (A.I.) within a personalized Museum Guide app

Games  & expertise

Increase commitment and recurrent visits to your museum: Quiz, Picathlon, museum survey, encourage your public to become “Experts” through a more personal connection via his smartphone Museum Guide app


Fluid and intuitive museum tour experience

The history of art, the secrets and symbols revealed in front of the artwork for a more immersive museum experience

Facilitate upstream sales

Online ticketing, booking access, tours and special events are broadcasted in the Museum Guide app according to user interests

Sell more guided tours and audioguides

Museum Books & Derivatives

The products on sale at the museum are suggested as artworks are viewed, the visitor sees them as soon as he access to the Museum’s shop.


Develop Museum sales

proposing products adapted to the visitors preferences, upstream to the museum and downstream

Benefits and Promotions at the Museum

Special offers and novelties are put forward for a purchase at the museum or online. Conversion Analysis Improves Merchandising

Recommend according to seen artworks the most relevant products

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