agrégation d'informations


Deal with reliable reliable quality info a real challenge!

Do Tours develops data processing algorithm to continuously collect useful information for tourists and citizens on events and activities in the city


How to easily remount and refresh information continuously?

Metropolises, museums group, airports, data processing can help you collect informations from different information systems? (SIT, database, csv, xml, Json, website ..).
GDPR law requires compliance since may 2018 digital communication devices in the context of the protection of personal data.

Collect enrich and deliver according to the preferences of your target users
Our data processing algorithm collects updates and enriches the information of shops, events, activities, services. Competition, the growing need for information in real time, level of requirements, quality objective, your constraints call for new technological solutions. Automate tasks, increase the experience of your stay and improve the economic


How does the data processing service work?

Our automatic aggregation software solution

1. Gathers all information in one source
2. converse with any information system
3. ensures the completeness and accuracy of the data (image quality, GPS coordinates, addresses, texts in 11 languages, videos)
4. Continuously refreshes hot data information

  • shows (online ticketing), events, municipal agendas
  • cultural and historical heritage
  • restaurants, hotels, nightlife (presentations, availability and reservations)
  • shops (showcases and special offers)
  • tourism info, local activities, discoveries
  • wellbeing

5. Adds advices and ratings, real-time availability and booking links for an optimized local experience
6. generate as many pages on your website as POI
7. allows you to publish data in opendatas
8. organizes the flow of information for website and mobile application
9. makes available in 11 nationalities the event and promotional content thanks to the artificial intelligence

This service is exclusively produced for the use of the client. The data can be published on the website, in the mobile app and on the open-datas platform according to the instructions given by the customer.



How much does this data processing service cost?

Offered as a monthly subscription, our service is continuously optimized to ensure your satisfaction and the browsing experience of your users. Price includes

  • determination of the target themes
  • inventory of municipal information systems
  • installation of connectors
  • data processing and compliance reports
  • the enrichment of the opinions, availabilities and links allowing reservation and transactions
  • client access to CMS to moderate content
  • flow from our API to the customer’s website and mobile app

Data Processing Price and payment conditions

The amount of the subscription per source is 499 € / month in launch offer for any subscription. This price includes the aforementioned services on all filters / thematic Shops, Utilities, transport in common, monuments, restaurants, hotels, bars, nightlife, local activities, cultural agenda and events, museums, solidarities. In case you choose Do Tours as the publisher of your mobile application, the offer also includes offline mobile data.


Degressive rates

In the event that the public administration client chooses to entrust all of the themes listed to the Do Tours data processing solution, a fixed price of 2000 € / month would be applied.


Payment is made for the first year as a single global SLA payment on your OPEX. Beyond the first 12 months you can pay monthly, quarterly or annually. You are free to stop subscribing to our personalized plan service at any time after the first 12 months.

Do Tours reserves the right to determine the duration of the launch offer and to interrupt it at any time. Validated agreements will of course be respected.


By combining tRip with the mobile application that we offer, each mobile user accesses relevant content since sorted according to his tastes. The application through an e-concierge chatbot (agent conversational) identifies the tastes and preferences and goes back to the API the most appropriate activities and events.


By choosing the tRip Expert solution, facilitate and ensure the implementation of the new tourism competence by relying on a trusted third party.


70 cities use tRip of which
Grand Avignon
Haute Loire Tourisme
Strasbourg Eurométropole