This mobile application is developed by Do Tours.
Your right to privacy is essential to Do Tours, cultural discovery application of tourist cities. This Charter takes effect from 1 March 2016 and governs the collection and use of personal information carried that allow us to be closer to your needs and offer you new découvertes. Our company has submitted a declaration to the CNIL under the number 1932417 v 0.
The different categories of information collected by Do Tours from its users are described below. The information collected is aggregated and used to analyze the flow in the city, content and relevant events that partner cities are using to better serve their citizens and tourists in the experience of living. Using this application, you agree Do Tours uses information disclosed in accordance with this charter. If you do not accept the terms of this policy, please do not record your route and preferences for the Save button on the Profile tab.

The information we collect

1. Unregistered users
We encourage you to register with our company to take advantage of the many customizations Do Tours as backing up your route, beating hearts that you add from the application, the information you share with your friends at the scene to discover. You can also choose not to register and benefit from all the elements of the application.
If you do not register, we collect only the interactions with POIs referenced in the application for statistical purposes to help the partner cities better manage their flow and help the recovery of the historical sites and activities which benefit lower traffic. All of this information is collected and used globally. They are stored in our database to establish general reports on our visitors, but not reports on our individual visitors.
When you join a program or create an account for this smartphone, a « cookie » placed by the program in question to help you « log » soon thereafter. We are not responsible for this « cookie » and do not in any use. More generally, Do Tours does not carry any advertising or sell any information to third parties, the application is generally funded by the cities.

2. Registered Users
If you choose to register with Do Tours, you will be able to find your walks, favorite places or added since the app, photos, sharing. You can also share with your friends your travel experiences: well back from your vacation rather than retype your address and send them to your friends, you will allow them to access your book travel from their application. You will be the first to receive updates and benefits as new destinations, new animations or games. You will also receive notifications on anecdotes depending on your place of residence.
If you register with Do Tours we collect about you for personal information in addition to the non-personal information described above. This personal information may include information that you enter manually by filling our forms such as your name, email address, preferences for destinations and content, your user name and password or contact information other people. We may retain all or part of this information in a file on our server so to tell you which sites you might prefer based on your previous visits eg Baroque or Renaissance. In this way, we can save your preferences from visit to another and customize your consultation.
If you downloaded the mobile application via a link from one of our partners and if you choose to register with us, it may be that we are required to inform the partner in question all or part registration information about you. We will only provide such information only in respect of this charter but we can not exercise control over the use made by our partner information in question. The information regarding your stay are however not disclosed except if you save your data, they are then accessible by the partner city for the analysis of its interest flows and centers.
If you access third-party services, such as social media services, via our website or before coming to our website, we may collect information such as your user name, password and other information which we can access through those services to enhance and personalize your use of our applications.
We have partnered with Facebook to provide instant personalization Facebook members. If your instant personalization is enabled in your Facebook privacy settings and if you are connected to Facebook and Do Tours will be personalized and will show you the places visited and opinions of your friends. In order to provide this personalized experience, Facebook sends us the information you have chosen to make available in the privacy settings of Facebook. The said information may include your name, your profile picture, your gender, your friend lists and other information you choose to share.
If you wish to stop personalization when you saved your preferences, you can simply remove the application from your application even re-install. We can not however be held responsible for the loss of your data.

Using your personal information
As previously reported, the data is collected allow us to better tailor the content to your requirements. No commercial or advertising intrusion, no transfer to third parties, we preserve our mobile users because our goal is to support you in the long term and Do Tours is your companion forever and all destinations. We may use personal information about you to suggest new destinations, present a more personal way the order of attractions, activities more in line with your tastes, analyze your satisfaction and help cities arrange a warm and qualitative hospitality.
In addition to the information provided, if you have provided an email address, we may use personal information about you to send you, with your consent (consent may be withdrawn at any time as described in this Charter) events and festivals or notifications inform you of the opportunities available within the partner cities represented by tourism offices.
You can ask to be excluded from the communications distribution list each time you receive commercial email from us via the unsubscribe button. Your items are disappearing permanently from our servers.

Disclosure of personal data
Do Tours does not sell or rent the personal information outside of our partners in the application as indicated this charter.

Communication options between Member
When you create your account at Do Tours communication options between the members are automatically enabled. These options allow members to communicate and exchange advice visits or activities. You access these exchanges from and only from the profile. No pop-up window or dialog box does interfered with your mobile browsing.

The safeguards your personal information
Do Tours has implemented security procedures to help protect the personal information stored on our systems with firewall, API, secure databases and servers. Your data is processed by our algorithms and do not require human intervention.

Protecting children
The only content appearing in the application is cultural. We ensure that none can hit. The proposed activities exclusive performances may include scenes with sexual or violent.

Amendments to the present Charter of Privacy
We reserve the right to change the charter if we determine the appropriate action. If we make significant changes that will affect personal information already collected about you, we will work within reasonable limits, to notify you of these changes and give you the opportunity to change or cancel your registration.